Substance abuse videos for middle school and high school. The Marijuana Video tells the truth about serotonin and this gateway drug.  Our Cocaine Video shows the end game of this seductive drug.  The Inhalants Video shows how common household cleaners are killing kids.  The Crack Video shows how the thrill can put you on the street.  Our Speed Video is blunt about the ruined families and lives it leaves behind. The LSD video is a cold reminder that this 60's drug of choice is back and destroying lives.  And our Ecstasy Video blows away the myth that Ecstasy is not a natural high--it's a mind destroyer.  All videos are 15 minutes in length and come with lesson plans and ready-to-use homework projects that help teens to think critically.

Marijuana, Inhalants, Speed, Crack, Cocaine,LSD/Acid, Shrooms/Ecstasy

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TeenMarijuanaAddictionDVDPreviewTeenMarijuanaAddictionVideoDVD MARIJUANA   It’s the most popular illegal drug among teens, and, perhaps the most dangerous—because it clearly is the "gateway" drug. Our experts and ex-addicts attest to it. Listen to their stories of addiction and amotivational syndrome. Mike and Christy stopped going to school and even started to hear voices. No matter how hard they tried, they couldn’t stop smoking it. This program will open eyes to understanding the dangers of this so-called "natural high." Students will walk away with a clear message that there is nothing safe about this highly addictive and debilitating drug. TeenCocaineAddictionDVDPreviewTeenCocaineAddictionVideoDVD COCAINE   It’s one of the most popular drugs among the younger generation, yet it stops so many of their lives. There is a fine line between you and your dreams, and when it’s the fine white line of Cocaine, it adds about a million miles. Michael, Michelle and Sarah tell how that seductive white line altered the course of their lives and those around them. Suicide, jail and heartbreak replaced their bold dreams of youth. Fortunately, there is hope for each of them, as they struggle through recovery.
TeenInhalantsAddictionDVDPreviewTeenInhalantsAddictionVideoDVD INHALANTS   Kids no longer just sniff glue; they try everything from bug spray to household cleaners, and it is the second biggest method of getting high for teenagers. Wade was six days away from his 13th birthday and it was just before Christmas when he decided to do some "Glading" with his older brother.  He died a few hours from "Sudden Sniffing Death Syndrome". This is a gripping story of how his father, a doctor, tried to revive him, and how much they now miss him. What seemed to Wade like "no big deal" cost him his life. TeenCrackCocaineAddictionDVDPreviewTeenCrackAddictionVideoDVD CRACK   As the saying goes, "Step on a crack, break your mother’s back". Smoke it and it will bring you to your knees. Tracey and Beadi found out that heroin may kill you but crack will leave you homeless and destitute, willing to do anything to get it. Both were trying to escape pain, and the addiction cost them their dignity, their families and nearly their lives. They are fighting their way back through recovery, and their stories will leave students with the truth about the destruction of this most addicting of drugs.
TeenMethAddictionDVDPreviewTeenMethAddictionVideoDVD SPEED   Amphetamines—Speed—the drug often made in your neighbor’s garage, is the third most abused drug among teens. It’s like the runaway bus with a mad driver and a bomb that is ready to explode at any moment. Learn how speed kills dreams, grades, families and lives. Haley and Steve have been there. She got shot in the head. He died and was brought back to life in the emergency room. Students will hear first hand how quickly a fun high will ruin your life. Believe the signs…Speed Kills! And not everyone gets a second chance. TeenLSDAddictionDVDPreviewTeenLSDAddictionVideoDVD LSD-ACID   It was popular in the sixties and now it’s back stronger than ever as the fourth most abused drug in America. LSD- "Acid" is easy to pick up at "rave" parties and teens are trying it every day. But Andrea and Tristan found out the hard way that by "moving up" to acid, their dreams quickly turned into nightmares. And for some, a "bad trip" becomes a nightmare that never goes away, leaving the user with paranoia, "perma-fry" (brain damage), and even a trip to prison. 
TeenEcstacyAddictionDVDPreviewTeenExstacyAddictionVideoDVD SHROOMS-ECSTASY This is the first of two videos on Hallucinogens, the other being LSD/Acid. What is real and what is not? Ecstasy and psychedelic mushrooms—"Shrooms" – alter perception and chemically play with our minds. Lanai, Samantha and Dale explain the agony behind the ecstasy. Their hallucinations were scary and bizarre, and students will learn that the realities of drug addiction are far more frightening than any hallucinations. TeenTobaccoAbuseDVDPreviewTeenTobaccoAbuseVideoDVD


TOBACCO   Cigarettes, chew and dip -- are they deadly? Danika is addicted to smoking and she can’t quit. Matt finally stopped after his doctor found a pre-cancerous disease is his mouth. Bill gives you the steps he took to quit. And the grandson of RJ Reynolds (Camel Cigarettes, etc.) lashes out against his family’s empire!

ALCOHOL   Most high school students drink, so what’s the big deal? Nikki will tell you. She’s a teenage alcoholic. She just liked to "party" like everybody else. But now, she says it’s not funny when you can’t control it. Shandra doesn’t drink and she stays away from friends who do. Teens and experts offer help and advice.

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