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Award winning DVDs and videos that help teens think critically about their choices.

"Unrehearsed teen interviews will grab the attention of any group."  "An invaluable tool for any teacher or counselor."  "Really makes teens think about their lives."  "Fantastic discussion starters."  "Perfect in any class or group where character education is taught."  "...a great bridge between an adult and a teenager." 


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Character Education, Sexual Issues, Personal Issues, Relationships, Social Issues, Substance Abuse, Drug Abuse Series.

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Ideal for At-Risk and Substance Abuse  Counselors, Character Education Curriculum, Advisory Period, Health Education, Family and Consumer Sciences, Teen Living, Drug-Free Schools, Parent Lending Library, Youth Leaders -- anywhere values are taught.  Ready to use!


Ideal 16-minute length DVDs with 

ready-to-use lesson plans! 


Acrobat PDF curriculum for MAC or PC on CD-ROM included (or download it).  Each lesson plan has discussion questions, small group activities, a concise summary conclusion, and homework projects that teach teens to explore the truth and think critically.

 "Fantastic discussion starters --- real teens giving unrehearsed interviews."

"Solid messages that encourage teens to do what is right."  "Easy to use!"

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