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Reaching teens on critical issues in a classroom or group setting can be tough.  These character education videos and guidance videos are used to teach character and values to at-risk teens or any student from 12 to 20 years old.  Perfect for teaching values for counselors looking for at-risk videos, substance abuse videos,  guidance videos or discussion starter videos.  Play one of these to a group and watch how it opens them up!  For any teacher looking for a way to teach character and values, and perfect for the parent lending library.   Proven effective in schools and organizations around the world since 1998.  Power Surge brings you 25 titles on everything from Parents and Divorce to Responsibility and Self-Image.  Inside Dope focuses on the 7 drugs teens abuse the most (after Tobacco and Alcohol).

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25 Videos on Key issues including: Sex, Tobacco, AIDS/STDs, Goals, Self-Image, Tobacco, Responsibility, Alcohol  and Suicide.  More info and LIVE full-length previews on-line!


Ready-to-use lesson plans!


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7 videos: Inhalants, Marijuana, Cocaine, Speed (Meth), LSD/Acid, Shrooms/Ecstasy, Crack.  More info and LIVE full-length previews on-line!

 Substance Abuse Videos

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Culturally diverse, very engaging, unrehearsed real-life stories.  Order direct or  Click here for a list of dealers




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